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Stone finish

Shot blasting machines for sharpening, shot blasting or age hardening parts

These shot blasting machines are especially designed for aesthetically treating stones and floor tiles. They are equipped with different part transportation systems, always highly wear-resistant and allow the recovery of shot.

The width of the conveyor varies according to the dimensions of the parts and allows a variation of the speed in transit through the machine, obtaining different finishes and production.

As all our shot blasting machines are completely made out of highly wear-resistant steel with replaceable protective elements made of the same material in the direct impact areas of the abrasive; therefore, they require practically no maintenance.

The input and output of parts to and from the booth have labyrinths which prevent shot from escaping, as well as fans that sweep any abrasive and particles that might settle on the parts.


VIBRATING SCREEN, removes coarse residue that has become detached from the parts, avoiding premature wear and maintenance work, as is the case with static screens, and also protects the turbines.

DOUBLE DYNAMIC MAGNETIC SEPARATOR: These highly efficient systems eliminate dust and sand particles before passing through the turbine, reducing the wear and tear on them and improving the finish.

"JET" EXTRACTION FILTER: We use very efficient, automatic filters, the "JET" system, which keeps the extraction and retention of dust constant in the entire shot blasting facilities. They are especially recommended for when there are large concentrations of dust and when the facilities are working continuously.

Our standard machines for stone allow the shot blasting of parts from small dimensions up to 2 metres in width.

Likewise, the shot blasting of flat parts is possible, or any other configuration, hardness, size and specification, depending on the needs of our customers.

There are specific versions for shot blasting one or several sides simultaneously.

Products used in this application:

Filters, Horizontal load conveyor shot blast machines, Special and made to measure shot blast machines, Turbines




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