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Construction Industry

Shot blasting machines for pipes, sheets and sections

Rolled steel products are used in many manufacturing fields.  To protect and preserve against corrosion, and for later recoating, surfaces should clean and without rust. To this end, roller conveyor shot blasting machines are used, which are designed for mechanical de-rustling and/or preserving steel surfaces in one step.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machines

We have several machines for different sizes of both pipe, sheet metal and industrial profiles. The shot blasting machines are equipped with cleaning equipment incorporated after the shot blasting to ensure a surface free of contaminants that may affect or impair subsequent treatments such as painting or preservation.

Shot Blasting-Painting

ALJU, in collaboration with national manufacturers, offers all of the equipment necessary, including the means for transporting parts, for the whole preservation process, which incorporates various phases of shot blasting and priming. In this process, the sheets and sections are shot blasted in depth and applied with a coating of protection against corrosion which comes with time. The preservation line is made up of a pre-heating furnace, a pass through a shot blasting machine, a painting unit and a drying tunnel with the corresponding conveyor.

Structures and Sections

These structures and sections are often cleaned and treated in suspended load shot blasting machines. They are usually integrated into automatic or semi-automatic coating lines, which normally apply two layers of coating in a continuous process for preparing a clean product coated at the end of the line.

Shot blasting machines should be adjusted in size and speed of work according to customer needs. The air conveyor is defined in many cases by the weight of the parts. ALJU offers various types of conveyors that can adjusted to customers' processes and needs.

Products used in this application:

Blasting Booths and Rooms , Overhead conveyor/Continued, MADE TO MEASURE METAL CONSTRUCTIONS, With hooks/hoists, Swing frame grinders , Filters, Horizontal load conveyor shot blast machines, Rotary table shot blast machines , Roller conveyor or trolley shot blast machines, Tumble and Drum shot blast machines , Blasting systems , Special treatment systems , Turbines




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