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Foundry-Forging Industry

Casting of iron and steel and forged parts

Our sector of reference

ALJU is a reference in this sector, where the technical requirements of a shot blaster are more exacting than in other sectors of industry.

We have carried out tests and trials with the many customers we serve, in order to continuously improve and optimise the quality and design of our facilities and equipment.

"From standard solutions" for medium-sized casting, up to continued processes for large-sized casting along with painting and drying equipment, ALJU is always a reference with regards to "know-how" and reliability.

Forged parts

Cleaning by shot blasting is used to remove rust from forged parts. ALJU, with over 50 years of experience, has manufactured and supplied many shot blasting machines, whose concept and design have significantly reduced the cost of production per hour and maintenance, achieving at the same time an increase in productivity and, above all, quality.

ALJU designs and manufactures the most suitable for shot blasting machine for your needs

The most appropriate machine for your process will depend on the complexity of your parts, their size, number, the method of production, type of handling and product flow.

Below, we will show you some of the typical applications and solutions, as many applications require a custom solution.

Delicate parts:

• Plate shot blasting machines are ideal for small-medium loads.

• Rubber belt tumbler shot blasting machines.

• Wire mesh shot blasting machines.

Parts that are not delicate:

Drum shot blasting machines are available in multiple sizes and with the possibility of variable loading and unloading.

For parts susceptible to damage by knocking:

Suspended load shot blasting machines are ideal for parts that can not be tumbled. One of the advantages is that you can prepare and unload batches while you are shot blasting another. ALJU also offers continuous suspended load shot blasting machines for in-line production processes.

Metal belt shot blasting machines allow smooth cleaning without impact for parts which are sensitive to knocks and vibration, for example, brake drums, brake discs, wheel rims, etc.

Products used in this application:

Blasting Booths and Rooms , Overhead conveyor/Continued, With hooks/hoists, Swing frame grinders , Filters, Horizontal load conveyor shot blast machines, Rotary table shot blast machines , Roller conveyor or trolley shot blast machines, Tumble and Drum shot blast machines , Special and made to measure shot blast machines, Blasting systems , Special treatment systems , Turbines




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