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ALJU offers a wide range of solutions for surface treatment from preheating to blasting, coating and drying.

Steel plates, sections and structures should be cleaned and painted before final assembly.

Protection against corrosion is essential, as a result of which the preservation line, the first part of the treatment process, includes various blasting and priming phases.

In the preservation line, sheets and sections are cleaned in depth and applied with a coating of protection against corrosion which comes with time. Together with the external transportation unit, the preservation line is made up of a pre-heating furnace, a pass through a shot blasting machine, a painting unit and a drying tunnel with the corresponding conveyor.

After cleaning, priming and controlling the steel sheets, they are transported to an area in which large sections of boats are built. In this phase it is necessary to clean the welded joints of the fabricated sections (blasted) and give them a protective coating in order to obtain a corrosion protection certificate.

At the same time, ALJU has developed shot blasting machines for cleaning ship hulls using air compressed and "airless" automated centrifugal turbines.

ALJU also designs and manufactures large blasting booths for large sections or blocks of ships, that can be combined with automated projection equipment with turbines.

Products used in this application:

Blasting Booths and Rooms , Overhead conveyor/Continued, MADE TO MEASURE METAL CONSTRUCTIONS, With hooks/hoists, Swing frame grinders , Filters, Horizontal load conveyor shot blast machines, Rotary table shot blast machines , Roller conveyor or trolley shot blast machines, Tumble and Drum shot blast machines , Special and made to measure shot blast machines, Blasting systems , Special treatment systems , Turbines



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