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Heat treatment

The auxiliary heat treating industry demands a wide variety of different equipment for the surface treatment of treated parts.

The wide variety of parts that need thermal treatment, with different sizes, geometry and weight, requires heat treatment specialists to have the best technology in blasting. Flexible, adaptable and configurable machines, with great agility and power.

ALJU  offers its engineering to this sector, capturing the needs of our customers and designing the most advanced equipment to cover the largest amount of parts with the least number of machines.
Plate machines, drum machines, rubber belt machines, continuous machines, hook or carousel machines, whatever type, ALJU finds the best solution for treating the surfaces of parts.

Products used in this application:

Blasting Booths and Rooms , Overhead conveyor/Continued, MADE TO MEASURE METAL CONSTRUCTIONS, With hooks/hoists, Swing frame grinders , Filters, Horizontal load conveyor shot blast machines, Rotary table shot blast machines , Roller conveyor or trolley shot blast machines, Tumble and Drum shot blast machines , Special and made to measure shot blast machines, Blasting systems , Special treatment systems , Turbines



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