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    Granalladoras y Equipos de Tratamiento de superficies

These are machines where parts are placed in a booth and the operator puts his hands inside and cleans the parts. These booths are prepared to work with extraction or excess pressure systems, depending on the type of work to carry out. The booths are equipped with the means for recovering and selecting abrasive, as well as filters to eliminate dust from the booth, in such a way that the operator always works in healthy environment protected from the projection of abrasive.

The booths can be equipped with loading and unloading components, accessories, roller conveyors and removable plates if the parts are very heavy.

These machines are specially designed for shot blasting or blasting large parts manually. After the part has been put inside the booth, the operator, who is suitably protected with special equipment, goes into the booth to blast the parts. Rooms are prepared with extraction and abrasive recovery equipment, so that it is possible to clean and recycle the same.

They are coated with wear-resistant material and their interior is well lit, so that work can be carried out easily and conveniently. The room is structured with easily-assembled modular panels. There are different part input and output configurations using conveyors, air carousels or directly on the ground.

Abrasive collection is carried out using different systems, including tractors, without the need for civil works.

The rooms can be equipped with a special vibrating sieve in the dynamic separator that prevents the nozzles clogging and maintenance.