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    Granalladoras y Equipos de Tratamiento de superficies


More than 50 years experience in touch with the needs of the industry and our commitment to the research and development of new solutions qualifies us to head up any surface treatment and emission control project.

This is how we have earned the confidence of our customers, by designing and manufacturing various machines and pieces of equipment every year for new applications and industrial processes.

Machines and equipment for cleaning chains, rims, tubes/pipes and containers of large dimensions, wind turbine towers (ALJUWIND & ALJUWINDSIDE), stone….these are just a few examples.

Likewise, ALJU has developed and patented systems for decontaminating shot (DESGRAN), which allow manufacturers of products such as gas bottles, oxygen bottles and extinguishers to be able to resort to blasting, thus eliminating expensive chemical processes and their corresponding recycling.