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    Granalladoras y Equipos de Tratamiento de superficies

Prepared for deburring large parts.

In this latest version, extra improvements are incorporated into the standard, making it an ideal machine for its application.

The grinder has the following features:

  • Robust, balanced chassis. It minimises the transmission of vibrations to the operator
  • Robust engine support bolted to the central body.
  • Protective cover for the belt grinder made of rolled steel, with the support coupled to the rotation shaft on bearings.
  • V-belt pulley transmission.
  • Defence of perforated transmission for better cooling.
  • Adjustable, fold-up handlebars at the height required by the operator.
  • Control panel built into the machine. With emergency stop and start-stop button, in an accessible place on the machine.
  • Optional: Pneumatic tightening system, based on changing the centre of gravity of the entire grinder.
  • Ergonomic design and length suitable for attaining a comfortable to-and-fro motion.
  • Documentation, instruction book and CE certificate of conformity.