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    Granalladoras y Equipos de Tratamiento de superficies

* Wire mesh shot blasting machines. In these shot blasting machines, parts are blasted on all sides.

The advantage is that it allows continuous blasting of complicated parts that require blasting without handling. They may allow different widths and a variable number of turbines, depending on the complexity of the part. The wire mesh is made out of highly wear resistant steel.

* Rubber belt shot blasting machines. Specially recommended for parts which, as well as not being beaten, only require treatment on one side.

They are normally used for the cosmetic finish on all kinds of artificial and natural stone. They accept different configurations, as a result of which they can treat floor tiles, parts with several faces (steps, columns) and panels.

The machine is usually provided with a multitude of settings to achieve the desired finish and also has the best shot decontamination systems.