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    Granalladoras y Equipos de Tratamiento de superficies

The turbine is the heart of every shot blasting installation. It is the element that constantly drives the abrasive with which we are working. Therefore, it should have a range of features that ensure its performance and longevity.

ALJU turbines have the ability to vary the speed of impact and flow of shot, obtaining different finishes without the need to change the type of abrasive.

ALJU turbines offer:

* High performance due to their advanced design that achieves an excellent relationship between engine power and shot projected.

* Quick, easy maintenance, because parts are accessible and their assembly and dismantling can be carried out very easily.

* Very versatile turbine, that rotates in different directions.

* Polyvalent protective components, as they support various positions, ensuring maintenance using few parts.

* High resistance to abrasion, proven by the constant research that we carry out on new materials, which improve overall performance and profitability.

* Greater durability thanks to being able to use the turbine blade on both sides.

* Possibility of automatic guidance of the shot jet, even during the cleaning cycle.