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ALJU  today has several machines and pieces of equipment operating in the rail sector, providing solutions for cleaning large and small parts by means of blasting by turbine, blasting and shot peening.


ALJU has installed several machines for cleaning the wheel axles of trains.

Blasting rooms for cleaning and removing paint

Blasting rooms can be any size for carrying out various functions.

Shot peening applications:
Train components, such as springs and wheels, support rigorous working stresses. Automated shot peening systems carry out peening on those components for machines on high production lines. These machines are designed to cope with the conditions in production environments, such as railway workshops and foundries.

Shot peening machines transport the springs to the blasting area. Shot blasting turbines catch the springs, providing different blasting angles to carry out the shot peening on the springs when they pass through the booth.

The wheels receive a shot peening in a shot blasting machine whose turbines aim at the wheel simultaneously from both sides. The wheels enter and leave the blasting booth thanks to automated transportation systems.
Shot peening machines are designed with simple but sophisticated controls that can provide real-time information on the process and effective means of solving problems.